Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tippi Hedren Part Two

     I have written on my blog before that I got the chance to meet Tippi Hedren from Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds and Marnie. I got to meet her again today, on September 20, 2012 to hear some pretty fascinating stories. This today, was not about her movies. Today was about something that should make us all stop and think. Something that is pretty normal but scary. There are a lot of people that own wild animals. And we don't seem to understand how dangerous and stupid that really is. Tippi along with IFAW representatives, and another man you may know, the Ohio issue that happened not too long ago. Do you remember when a farm owner let go of his wild cats, Lions, Tigers? He killed himself and all of the animals had to be killed? Well the Sheriff was there too, and that was awesome.

This is me and my aunt with Tippi Hedren.

     Tippi Hedren started her own company, ROAR, her park is Shambaia, and she also made a movie on all the special creatures she has been able to own with her wildlife preservation. Her then husband got attacked, and she also got attacked. Behind her head, and if the animal had bit down any lower it would have killed her. And then she mentioned that there was a wild cat being held inside someones home, in his closet, and then the cat was transferred from their house in a zipped up bag, that was also put into the persons trunk of their car. She also mentioned that a little boy had been stepped on, on his foot, he screamed and then was killed right on the spot. Think about what we can do to make this a better world! Not only for our safety but also the fact that these wild animals should not be kept caged in, they should be set free, should be wild. Check out her documentary movie she made with her daughter. And also look up her preserve online. Also And also on facebook at Thank you for reading this. I hope that you can see where these animals need our help.

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