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I Love Lucy, Season Five

I Love Lucy, Season Five.
From: 10-3-1955 - 5-14-1956

Lucy Visits Grauman's: 10-55
Lucy and Ethel are looking over all of their souvenirs, and deciding that the amount they have already collected just isn't enough. So what would be a great souvenir from Hollywood? Would a huge block of cement be enough? Or how about a huge block of cement with John Wayne's footprints? Sounds great right? Wrong! Watch as the gang tries to pretend it never happened.

Lucy And John Wayne: 10-55
After the grand theft at Grauman's, Ricky decides to ask John Wayne himself, what could possibly be done now. And instead of a huge prosecution, Mr. Wayne decides to make another footprint for Grauman's. What can go wrong with Lucy around?

The Passports: 12-55
Lucy is trying to find her birth certificate, and without the certificate, Lucy is unable to purchase a passport for her and Ricky's tour. Lucy goes through so much with Jamestowne, her childhood birthplace, and all along she is looking in the wrong place. Of course, Ethel, Ricky, and Fred get their passports just fine.

Staten Island Ferry: 1-56
Fred is very much seasick, and he is threatening not to leave on a ocean liner. Which Ethel and Lucy try to convince him, has little motion in the ocean. He decides that it is best to try one of the "Seasick pills" and to go on the Staten Island. Lucy goes with him, but gets seasick also. They end up stuck for a lot of trips, and need to get back to the gang to go back to the Passport Office.

Bon Voyage: 1-16-56
The gang are all set to go on the Ocean Liner. But Lucy's mom is staying with Little Ricky at home in New York. Destraught, Lucy misses the boat to give her son one more kiss goodbye. The dock has a plan. To airlift Lucy and bring her down right on the ship. Yeah right! Lucy is scared to let it happen. Will she get reunited with her pals?

Second Honeymoon: 1-23-56
Lucy and Ethel decide to ask their husbands for a second honeymoon. All goes well except that Ricky is stuck on another part of the Ocean Liner that he can't spend time with his wife. But maybe Lucy can talk him into just one night.

Lucy Meets The Queen: 1-30-56
Ricky is going to perform for the Queen of England and has told Lucy and the gang about it. Lucy wants so bad to meet the Queen that Ricky says okay to letting her dance with him onstage. But Lucy decides that she needs to learn how to curtsy more so, that she ends up with a leg cramp that she can't get out of.

Lucy Meets Charles Boyer: 3-5-56
Lucy and Ethel spot the French actor Charles Boyer. But because of his distaste in being talked to out in public, he convinces her that he is NOT Charles Boyer. Ricky figures this out, and is suppose to be working with The French Star. And they end up working together in more ways than one.

Lucy In The Swiss Alps: 3-26-56
Fred accidentally makes Ricky's band end up somewhere else. And Ricky has made reservations for them to get to the right spot. The Swiss Alps. While waiting, Ricky is pacing so much that Lucy tells him that they need to go for a walk outside. In the Alps. And Fred and Ethel tag along also. They end up in a deserted mountain cabin, and while in the cabin, they get a great big avalanche around them and the cabin. They are stuck for some time. But I have a feeling everything will work out.

Lucy Gets Homesick In Italy: 4-9-56
It is Little Ricky's birthday, and Lucy is in Italy. Saddened by this, Lucy tries to reach him through telephone. But the plans to talk over the phone keep getting delayed. There is a boy that comes in and out of the hotel Lucy and the gang are staying at, and it happens to be "a his a birthday too." The gang give the boy and all of his friends a birthday party for Little Ricky.

Lucy's Italian Movie: 4-16-56
The Italian director wants to use Lucy in his film that he is about to work on. The movie is called Bitter Grapes. To prepare for the part, Lucy decides to go to a Vineyard outside of Rome. She is fast put to work, and is stomping grapes with an angry grape stomping partner! They get into a heated fight, with no words, just a lot of grapes being thrown.

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